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How McLaren are getting Daniel Ricciardo ready for 2021

The Aussie has some homework to do ahead of his McLaren debut.

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As Daniel Ricciardo starts his journey with McLaren, the Woking based team are focusing on getting their new driver integrated within the team by the time the season begins.

McLaren's racing director Andrea Stella has stated that "Having a new driver on board is always a very interesting challenge. The objective of McLaren is to be at the first race, in qualifying, and it be like Daniel has driven the McLaren and has worked with these engineers, and the team, for a long time."

It seems like McLaren are hoping to make Ricciardo feel at home and comfortable with his surroundings at McLaren as it is often hard at first for drivers to adjust to new teams. However, with Ricciardo's experience and McLarens expertise, it is possible they can achieve this together.

The early phase of this new relationship will be about the driver and engineers getting to know each other and how to work effectively to achieve the maximum results. McLaren have also added that Ricciardo will be flat out in the simulator and will be given homework such as the recordings of radio communications from 2020 for Ricciardo to study.

Stella states the process of integration into the team begins well before testing and the season opening Bahrain Grand Prix. Discussions between Ricciardo and the team have already commenced since the new year and will continue to develop when Ricciardo arrives in the UK after his Christmas break to Los Angeles. Whilst in LA, Ricciardo posted a picture with his new McLaren and met up with ex-McLaren driver Jenson Button, who probably gave the Aussie a few tips about his new team!

With these preparations, Ricciardo and McLaren will be aiming for podiums and points right off the bat as a new season approaches and their partnership begins. Will it be a winning formula?

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