How much did it cost to run my Ducati 1198S for two years?

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38w ago

Sigh. I knew a Ducati 1198 wasn't going to be the cheapest vehicle to run when I bought it back in 2018 – but now I'm free of its expensive shackles, I thought I'd go for a ride on my new bike and tot up what the 1198 cost me.

Warning: I think some Ferraris cost less to run than this.

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Comments (5)

  • Haha really enjoyed that! Although all the left handed gesturing was making me nervous... Keep ya hands on the bars man! That could be a regular thing, POV ride along vids recounting tales of money losing bike ownership- I’m sure there’s plenty! 🏍👏🏻

      8 months ago
  • I honestly do not think that the cost was that bad at all. Even more so when you factor in the fact that many of these costs would not apply to everyone. 10% of the total cost was a detailing. Tires are a cost of any bike.

    Heck the biggest bill was post tip over, slightly unfair.

    I think you got to use a top tier bike, with what sounds like top tier dealer service for decent money. I went though the cost of my last Ducati a while back

      8 months ago
  • I'd love you to ride some old forgotten in a shed vintage bikes/mopeds/autocycles, if you want to? BSA Winged wheel; front forks have a moving shackle to mildly prevent scrotum scatter. Although the prostate takes a hammering when you ride over a twig and you walk funny for the rest off you life.

      8 months ago