How Much Is The Ferrari 812 Competizione A

All of the details and my thoughts about the new super special Ferrari

11w ago

A little bit of a news update with some info about the new Ferrari 812 Competizione Coupe and Convertible Version.

Audio Podcast:

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Show Notes:

00:00 = Intro

01:27 = Specs

02:07 = Engine

03:10 = Aero

03:34 = Interior

04:23 = Independant steering + RWS

05:50 = Braking

06:50 = Fake vents?

07:10 = Price...

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Comments (4)

  • Very cool, I wish they put that engine in a regular 812.

      2 months ago
    • Haha, the normal one not mad enough for you? Gpf filter is a slight problem

        2 months ago
    • I just think it would be even cooler, there probably would be quite a few problems with it

        2 months ago
  • I wish I could afford one

    But by the time I get the money it's be worth sooo much more

      2 months ago