How Much More Power Can We Squeeze Out of a Stock 2JZ Block?

It's been a while since WTF2J got some love and today is the day. We decided it was time to take the Supra off the hoist and test out what the new intercooler, turbo, injectors and much more can do!

This Supra was the car we bought all those months ago, sight unseen, interstate, with many quirky things found inside. Throughout that time many people and companies, as you will see in the video, have helped bring it up to the standard it is today. The main goal of this car is a powerful street car that pays homage to the original Supra that started it all.

Taking it to the dyno at GT Auto, we are aiming for a large power increase and hoping not to blow the engine up (as anyone does chasing a big horsepower increase). The top end has been rebuilt by Next Level and now contains a Kelford Cams 10.2mm Lift set-up, these are mainly used for race but will allow us to get more power out of the engine if need be.

For the beautiful song of a boosted 2J and to see an awesome power gain, check out the video below!

The full engine specification list discussed in the video is included below :

Engine specs:

Stock 2JZ VVTi block

Kelford Cams V202-D 272/278 10.2mm lift cams

Hypertune 100mm intercooler & plenum

Turbosmart 60mm gate, BOV & RR-FPR

GCG Turbochargers Pty Ltd GTX3584RS-2

6boost exhaust manifold

Haltech Elite 2500 ECU

PWR Performance Products radiator

Southam Engineering R35GTR ignition coil conversion

Hardrace Suspension Australia engine and trans mounts

Wiring by Whitey's Wiring

Boomslang engine harness

2200cc Bosch injectors

ARP head studs

Head rebuilt by Scott Johnston at Next Level Motorsport

Catch can & fab work by David Johnson

Tune by David Lenthall at GT AUTO GARAGE

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