How much of a JDM project car will you get for your money?

11w ago

Are you like me? Were you born in or around the 90s? Do you love cars? Did you watch Fast & Furious when you were a child, play Gran Turismo, Forza and Need for Speed as a teenager and gobble up every bit of car content on the internet ever since you had access? Well, in that case you do most probably have an interest in japanese cars from the 90s. Since I do and finally wanted to get started on the whole "Project Car Thing", I decided to find myself a JDM nugget and get started! But how much of a project will you actually get for your money? That question might be impossible to answer in general, but at least this video will give you an impression what to expect from the specific car in question. What car that is? Well, I suppose you will have to watch the video to find out... *clickbait alert*

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