How much power can a stock bottom end RB26 in a GT-R really handle?

Everyone is an expert on GT-Rs and will tell you what the weak links are, but the guys at Motive DVD wanted to find out fact from myth.

With GT-Rs getting more popular in more countries, and the USA now hungry for them, there are so many workshops and owners working on them. Having been tuned since the early 90s, there is a lot of researched, development and tuning done ( both good and bad) on the RB26 in the R32-R34 GT-R. It's common to hear things like "oil pump will fail straight away" or "they wreck bearings at the track" or "you'll crack the block at this power" etc etc etc

After their "twins vs single" video broke the internet and started ( and ended ) a lot of arguments, the guys at Motive DVD decide to keep pushing the power. Test to destruction if you will. The premise is simple. Only replace what needs replacing as it breaks, nothing else.

For those of you new to the project, it is a 1993 R32 Skyline GT-R that was bought in 2011 in very average condition for $10,500. The engine is a "wrecker" engine with unknown kilometres but a sump off inspection on purchase showed it had factory bottom end that has never been touched since new, and certainly showing its age with slightly low comp in one cylinder. It is a long nose crank engine though as found in late model R32s onwards, meaning a stronger oil pump drive than earlier ones. The bottom end still hasn't been touched, but the head has been off to fit head studs and head gasket after the head lifted due to stretched factory studs on around 500whp, which seems to be common. There is Tomei Poncams in the head and the support gear is only what is necessary as the power levels increase.

The car originally had a Garrett GTX3582R and was pushed to 504kW before maxing out the turbo and getting valve float, so the top end now has aftermarket valve springs and the turbo has gone up to a GTW3884

As power pushed past 500kw (660hp) at the wheels, problems started to arise and things got more interesting.

The car has now run a best of 10.1 and the 9-second pass is oh so close. We heard the guys are trying to get the car sorted now and hope it holds together for one final run!Subscribe to the Motive DVD Youtube channel and keep up to date.

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