How my curiosity about the Tacoma got started

Face to face with a new Tacoma

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Was it due to the popularity of pickups? Even if it was, I wasn’t paying much attention to the trend at that time as I was more of a blogger and collector of miniature replicas from Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Greenlight and imports like Tomica and Kyosho to name a few. Most of my research are geared towards upcoming new releases of models that interest me. But then how did this sudden turn of event at least for me got started?

Being a car fan, my ear will usually picked up any conversation related to automobiles. However in my work place that is very rare so when I heard my colleague telling a co-worker that her husband is interested in purchasing a 2015 Tacoma, that definitely got my attention. I decided to join in and asked her why a 2015 Tacoma. She said that her husband wanted to get a truck as he used to own one and sold it a long time ago and had regretted it ever since. Plus he likes this specific style and it's a Toyota. The fact that the dealership is 4 hours away made me wonder how cool could this truck be. When another colleague mentioned that her husband also owns a Tacoma, that definitely peaked my curiosity even more and if the saying ‘Curiosity killed the cat’ was ever true then I’m definitely glad I’m not one. A cat that is.

I slowly started checking on the internet for reviews and features. One weekend while my Toyota was in the dealership for maintenance, I was waiting at the showroom and it suddenly dawn on me that right in front was this bright shiny blue 2019 Tacoma. Oh man it's almost like meeting a celebrity in the flesh and in this case, in the metal. Get it? With nothing better to do, I started exploring the ins and out of the truck. The first thing that drew my attention was the color that Toyota decided to name Voodoo Blue.

After a few quick glances and photo shoots of the exterior, its time to check the interior.

I sat on both the front and back and the back seat is raised so you have a good view of the front but the leg room is a bit small for me as I can barely get in and when I did there was very little head room as I can feel my hair almost touching the ceiling. Can you imagine being at the back while going thru rough terrain?

Next I pop open the hood.

I’ve notice there is a big space between the front grill and the engine.

I’ve notice there is a big space between the front grill and the engine.

This hood felt like it weighed a ton when I lifted it up. Either it’s because it has thicker metal on the hood or could be due to the higher stance of the truck.

Next I started looking at the info on the window sticker.

Sticker Shock!! Of course this may not be a surprise to some but for me it’s been years since I’ve check on car prices and I used to see this price only on luxury vehicles. My how times have really change.

But then here is the reason why.

This happens to be a top of the line trim for the Tacoma and it got all the bells and whistle you can ever dream of for off roading like 3.5-liter V6 making 278 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque, active Traction Control (A-TRAC), which prevents all four wheels from spinning out at the same time. Also comes with off-road skid plating with red TRD lettering under the front end. The voodoo blue by the way is an exclusive TRD Pro color.

And a nice exclusive black TRD wheel to match with the truck. And if your wondering what is a TRD, it stands for ‘Toyota Racing Development’.

And my curiosity did not end there. It’s now time to get a little dirty.

Getting underneath and taking photos that is.

And hidden behind the tire is a Fox 2.5-inch Internal Bypass Shocks which is considered an upgrade for serious off roader.

I check the lot and so far this seems to be the only TRD Pro that they have so I did not get the chance to test drive it.

If you’re still wondering if my colleague managed to get the truck, well.. let’s just say it didn’t pan out but this turned out to be a blessing at least for the husband as they ended up getting a brand new 2019 Tacoma in our area instead. If you will excuse me, I think they are finished with my vehicle.

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