How Nissan rebuilt a GT-R Nismo at the Spa 24-hour race!

A total loss? Not for Nissan techs working in the garage!

This rebuild clip is from the Spa 24-hour race earlier this summer, where the No. 22 Nissan GT-R Nismo (driven by Matt Simmons, Struan Moore, Matthew Parry) caught a puncture during practice in the Eau Rouge corner and headed into the wall at 100 mph. The Nismo team had 41 hours to completely rebuild the car before the race. It succeeded, though the team could only muster a 30th-place finish in the endurance contest. This is just more evidence that these race teams work like (no pun intended) well-oiled machines. The other Nissan, No. 23, came in 13th.

This clip piggybacks on Nissan's latest mini-documentary: a 22-minute movie about the Spa 24-hour race, added below for your lunch-hour viewing.

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