How Porsche plans to create a fuel that is "as clean" as an EV

Electricity may not be the fate that lies ahead for all car manufacturers anymore.

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It's no lie that the ongoing battle that car manufacturers have had to face in the last 5 years or so, has been that their traditional means of fuel is becoming less and less viable, as EV's are growing more and more popular. However petrolheads like ourselves no longer need to accept the fact we might not ever get the opportunity to hear a new internal combustion engine ever again, because Porsche might have just fixed that problem.

Introducing Porsche's "eFuel". "A low-carbon synthetic fuel that combines green hydrogen (produced by wind-powered electrolysis) with carbon dioxide (filtered from the atmosphere) to form methanol, which is in turn then turned into gasoline."... I have no idea what that means either, but it sounds exciting. All this, means that the engines still work by burning this liquid combination, but without any biproduct, leaving the atmosphere free from pollutants such as carbon dioxide. Porsche even go as far as predicting an 85% reduction in CO2 emissions when used.

What makes this prospect even more promising is that in order to use Porsche's eFuel, Porsche claim that you won't need any modifications made to your current cars engine or fuel system.

Even the likes of giant corporations such as Formula 1 are jumping on the bandwagon of switching to a renewable fuel, in the hopes of luring Porsche and Audi into the world of F1 engine suppliers, whilst staying on track to maintain their net zero carbon emissions goal by 2030.

So, what's it all worth? Well, if the member of the executive board & research and development of Porsche, Dr. Michael Steiner's word is anything to go by, β€œIn the timing of 2026–2027 we expect that we could come down cost-wise to a range of, let me say, $2 per liter. So there is a huge potential to bring costs down.” However at this point in time the figure is closer to $10 per litre.

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