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How the AMG GT Black Series crushed the Nurburgring record

Today we recount all that changed in the AMG GT to make it the fastest production car in the world. This feat is nothing short of astonishing.

Mercedes-Benz has been rooted in racing for over 125 years, from the very first motorsports race to the leader in F1 technology. They are also greatly involved in the GT3 and GT4 classes and podiumed 625 times in only 489 races. This experience in motorsports has allowed them to transfer that knowledge into making what is essentially a street legal racecar, the AMG GT.

The AMG GT Black Series is a powerful lightweight track machine weighing in at 1,637 Kg, 35 Kg lighter than the AMG GT-R. Mercedes achieved such weight reduction from the use of carbon fiber in the bonnet, roof, and the boot. Weight is also saved by ridding the car of electronic aero as the front splitter and rear wing are manually adjustable. The double-decker wing is used to suck the air off the rear, planting the car to the ground with greater force. Designs for the aerodynamic were derived from the GT3 racecar ensuring the highest level of performance.

Mercedes-AMG Black Series Wind Tunnel Trailer

Mercedes-AMG Black Series Wind Tunnel Trailer

While the Black Series is lighter than the GT-R it is also more powerful. Powered by a flat crank V8 twin-turbo charged engine instead of a cross-plane crank, this AMG outputs a whopping 730Hp and 800Nm of torque. This 4.0L V8 paired with a 7 speed automatic transmission launches from 0-100 in merely 3.2 seconds with a top speed of 325 km/H. The advantage of the flat crank to the cross-plane from the GT-R is a different firing order allowing for better throttle response. While the engine modification gives greater driver control, the exhaust was swapped for a less aggressive tone, and frankly just doesn't sound as good.

Astonishingly, Mercedes was able to combine both style and performance into what is consider a work of art. The design of the exterior is what sells the car to most people, which is why it is hard to make a car that is not purely engineered. The Senna for example was only built for engineering and aerodynamic purposes which is why it has an acquired look. However, the AMG Black Series has the aggressiveness of a racecar with the carbon accents, while also being a car that you could take your date out to a five star restaurant with.

AMG GT at the Nürburgring

AMG GT at the Nürburgring

Through the long processes of design and testing, AMG was able to create one of the most beautiful and fastest cars in the world. This is not something that is easy to achieve, however it was possible with the greatest German engineers. Now with the top manufacturers to send the fastest cars around the Nürburgring, it solidifies a rivalry. Who is able to build the fastest and timeless car in the world. Today I would venture to say that the Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series wins that competition. Although in the future, I am sure there will be a new king.

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