How the Ferrari 488 Pista Spider reignites the Feel Good Factor in Life

23w ago


Let me tell you what is air. Air is the invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth. But when you are in a roofless Ferrari experiencing this Air in your Hair, it gives you a break and inject pragmatism into you.

Credit: auto.ferrari.com

The hard-top Pista is a very good car. It is in every way the perfect example of a supercar. So What is new to report in the Spider?

In roofless versions of supercars these days, there's nothing new to report. The Pista Spider is no exception. The specs are pretty much the same. The engine is same and with the roof up, it is just like the standard 488 Pista.

What is to report, is the soundtrack of that V8 behind your ears, the Sun over your head and the pedal that sways the soundtrack under your foot. That is the perfect cure for all kinds of depression.

People think that the hard-top version of cars are more purer, more distilled but don't go by the loss of roof, you won't be able to surprise a person with his sunglasses on in a Pista with your hard-top. The Pista doesn't feel unnatural, everything in it is natural. All the tech feels natural.

Pricey Petrol is turned into gas from the nab of your foot, the diameter of your lips increases, air starts to displace your hair even more, your ears turn bigger and your eyes, well your eyes are not able to cope up with the amount of things cropping up and going missing in a second as the needle of the speedometer goes for a Usain Bolt-ish sprint.

Inside the 488 Pista Spider is good to live in. There's even a screen to tell you when you’ve warmed up the Michelin Pilot Cup2s. Plenty of attraction for the 14-year-old in you.

Outside there is a complain, you can't see the engine in the Spider because the roof is resting above it, not eager to come up. Looking at the exterior make you sense that the Pista spider is a fast car because of the 'Stripe'.

The Italians are just about theatre. No matter how fast the McLaren 720s Spider is, you will enjoy driving the Pista more on any day, apart from when the roads are wet. In that condition, the 720s might just score more. But that's not come, because right now it is sunny, so 'Sod Off' McLaren.

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