How the new 4-pot Boxster could be a blessing in disguise: IN THEORY

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Look, when Porsche announced that the next gen Boxster/Cayman (718) would be downsized to a turbo flat-four, I was the first to be disappointed. But I’ve had time to think about this. Maybe a 4-pot Boxster means a lot a good stuff is in the works. In theory.

As I’m sure you know, there’s this pretty widely accepted idea that Porsche never wanted to give the 6-pot Boxster/Cayman more power because then it would be better than a 911, for less money, mainly because its engine is in the correct place for a sports car. And I guess there’s some truth to that. Even the reportedly awesome Cayman GT4 had only 385hp, a few horsepower more than a base 911. It also had a very long gearing, which impaired acceleration. Which conspiracy theorists duly noted.

All photo credits: Porsche

Let’s just hope that Porsche comes to the same conclusion I did, and cooks us the mid-engine sports car we deserve

But now that the 718 has a downsized 4-pot, it clearly slots in behind a base 911 in terms of luxury feel and street cred as a sports car. So what then would be stopping Porsche from making us a sweet, sweeeet 718 Cayman GT4RS with much more power? It might outrun the slower 911s, but I don’t think the demographics that were going to buy, say, a 911 Carrera S for around $110k would be cross-shopping it with a souped up 718 with a four-cylinder for the same price. Simply not the same status.

Of course, it was already a bit the case, which is why we got the GT4. But for us, it was a bargain Porsche, and I think most of us would have bought that instead of a no-option 911. Now, a GT4RS wouldn’t be the sports car bargain of the century, it would just be the best version of a cheap Porsche. Less expensive, with a less cool engine.

So let’s just hope that Porsche comes to the same conclusion I did, and cooks us the mid-engine sports car we deserve. But then again, this is just a theory. A man can dream.

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  • I also think the hair dried 4pot is a good idea

    1 year ago


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