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A guide to selecting and promoting posts from Tribes

3y ago

What does an Ambassador do on DriveTribe?

An Ambassador finds the best posts on DriveTribe and then uses DriveTribe itself and social media to promote those posts. So an Ambassador is effectively a Publisher - selecting the best content for promotion.

We have selected various areas of content like motorcycles, spotted, classic cars and more and appointed our first ambassadors for each of these areas.

One content area may have multiple Ambassadors, this is because as being an Ambassador is intended to be a fun hobby and not everyone is available 24/7 to be selecting and promoting posts.

What's the point of Ambassadorship?

Ambassadors give exposure to the best journalists, photographers, videographers, artists and more on DriveTribe, whether they run a small tribe or are new to DriveTribe. They pick the quality posts and help turn talent into super-stars on DriveTribe.

Tell me more about how to promote on social media?

Each Ambassador group will be given the keys to access to a Facebook Page provided by DriveTribe. DriveTribe will then promote these Pages and Posts.

Ambos: watch the videos from Lucy below to learn how:

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How to become a Facebook Sensei

Tell me more about how to select posts

Ambos: read the following article from Rob for a guide on selecting awesome content:

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