How to build your very own Lexus LFA*

*from paper. Lexus has come up with the ultimate pastime

1w ago

Lockdown has taught us one thing: that building a model car can be the best pastime. While LEGO is the first name that pops to your mind when it comes to 'building cars', we should also look at building cars at our home from paper.

The lovely boffins at Lexus have blessed us with a "high-resolution PDF template" which one can use to build their very own Lexus LFA.

You have four different LFA models to choose from: blue, orange (Nürburgring edition), white and a Gazoo Racing LFA.

After you've chosen which LFA you are going to build, you will have to get hold of a pair of scissors and double-sided tape/glue and start building your very own paper LFA.

It is advised that you print the document in A3. After printing the file, cut off the templates. Warning: Do now cut off the tabs.

Now the real fun begins - attach windows to the roof panel and build the wheels and axle. Build the front using two pieces. "The third piece will be needed at the end”, says Lexus.

After that, attach the doors after folding down the rear of the car. Now it's time for some very tricky steps, so I'll let Lexus explain the steps to you.

"Prepare the underneath of the model. Cut the holes in the black tabs, this will allow the axles to run through the model. Then turn it upside down. Fold the rear of the car and the holes upwards. Attach the sides of the car using the tabs on the rear and centre of the underbody section and attach the bonnet to the roof section. Then, working your way from rear to front, attach the roof to the tabs on the side of the car.”

Phew, doing the above mentioned steps will require high levels of concentration. Now though, you LFA will start to take shape.

"Take one end of the axle and attach the wheel, push it through the holes in the model and attach the other wheel when done. Repeat this for the second axle and wheels.”

And just like that your ultimate Lexus LFA is ready! Lexus claims that "Having made the model ourselves, "we reckon this Lexus LFA paper model should take between one and two hours to complete." Perfect!

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  • Hrm...I've asked around forums and Reddit whenever papercraft get posted about whether or not it is possible to motorize these and replace the paper wheels with rubber or plastic. Consensus says its possible, depending on how precious you hold the paper body dearly.

      10 days ago
  • Where can I find more of these?

      5 days ago
  • Where do I download this template?

      5 days ago
  • Wow haven't done papercraft for years. Also advised to print it off on card and ideally laser printed. Pretty sure there's been a hq LFA for a while now.

      6 days ago