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Today, the Toyota Supra is considered one of the quintessential sports cars of the 90's. It is without a doubt the most iconic performance based car that Toyota has ever produced, arguably rivaled only by the Toyota Trueno (lil tofu boi). The MK1 Supra (or Supra Celica, as it was known at the time) wasn't hailed as a Japanese hero until its fourth iteration, however the A60 & A70 gained reasonable sales figures and maintain moderate fanbases today. The A80's iconic styling and new 2jz motor complemented a unique cockpit-like interior to blow the previous generations of the Supra out of the water and cemented it as a legendary sports car. Of course, with such a reputation as that, these cars are wicked expensive.

Pure Classic

Pure Classic

Flashback to '91, and Lexus, Toyota's luxury marque, wanted a piece of the action. Lexus borrowed everything internal from the A80 and handed the job of designing the car to Calty Design Research Incorporated in Newport Beach, the facility responsible for creating a long list of Toyotas including their NASCAR and the original Celica. The Lexus SC300 was the result of their efforts, a Toyota Supra melded with the luxurious interior of a Lexus featuring leather seats and the best fake wood Lexus had to offer. The interior is reminiscent to me of a mid 2000's Audi. The car quickly faded into obscurity after nine years of half-decent sales figures. The car never really excelled at its job, and the luxury sports coupe genre proved difficult for Lexus to enter. Lexus & Toyota eventually took the platform of the SC300 to their next lineup of cars in the form of the Toyota Soarer & Lexus SC (quick pause here so you can expel your vomit).

This is what we like

This is what we like

This is what we hate

This is what we hate

Being the father of Lexus' biggest laughing stock, the SC300 can quickly be written off as guilty by association, but I'd like to challenge that viewpoint. Look at it this way, the Supra and the SC300 are, essentially, the same car. If you want to buy a Supra today, rethink your idiotic decision, moron! The only noticeable differences between the two are, A) The Exterior: meaning you lose the iconic styling but whatevs. B) The Interior: the SC300's interior is much better than the cockpit from a comfort standpoint though it loses the quirky pizzazz attributed to the A80. C) The Price Tag: Do yourself a favor and save 40k.

That's it. Those are the only differences. The two cars have virtually the same internals, meaning you keep the tuner appeal. They share literally everything with each other. You'd have to be a moron to buy a Supra today.

Here's a listing on BaT for an A80:

Here's the same car:


Supra, meet your better twin.

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  • Dude, you’re a genius.

      7 days ago
  • You want a car with 2JZGTE, there’s the Aristo, non turbo 2JZ, Altezza, Crown, Crown Majesta, Markll, Chaser, Origin, Progres.

      18 days ago
  • Never seen a Soarer with the 2JZ for sale without an automatic.

      19 days ago
    • You put the finger on the whole point that this article is not making...

      The only truly expensive A80 are the 2JZ-GTE with MANUAL trans... You can find automatic A80 quite cheap, so the comparison made in the article doesn't make any sense...

      Read more
        17 days ago
    • Part of the deal with the SC300 is that you could literally buy a 2JZ-GTE and stick it into one of the manual models (which makes up about an eighth of the current market) for cheaper than buying a Toyota Supra with a 2JZ-GTE. The manuals are out...

      Read more
        17 days ago
  • Interesting, I knew they were related... I have to say I think the exterior styling on the Supra is much more iconic. But then again, if you're buying it drive...

      20 days ago
  • SC300 is gr8

      23 days ago