Let's dive into the basics

Before we start, I'm not a professional. I'm not Larry Chen, Jordan Butter, etc. I do have a little bit of experience as a amateur photographer, as you can see from the gallery below:

If you are still reading, it means that you are interested in me giving you some advice so, let's start.

1. Gear doesn't matter:

I see, all the time, posts about what camera should I get, what lenses, what tripod, whatever. Forget about it. The best camera is the one you already have. When you start to go deeper and feel that your camera is holding you back, then you should worry about which one you need next. But, for now, get out and take pictures. Plus, you can also try buying lenses if you have a DSLR because lenses are what make the camera. the body's just a recipient. Lenses can give you a whole new perspective.

I took this picture with my first DSLR, a 300€ Canon 1100D.

Sorry for the quality, I had to download it from Facebook as I couldn't find it in my hard-drive

Sorry for the quality, I had to download it from Facebook as I couldn't find it in my hard-drive

2. Don't make excuses:

"Oh, it was raining" "Oh, it wasn't sunset..." Stop it. Learn to work with the conditions you have. Car photography is very complicated in the sense that there are millions of variables and if anything can go wrong, it will go wrong. Just learn to work with it. Learn to shoot when the sun is at its highest and still take a good picture. If you can do that, when you get to shoot on perfect conditions, a good photo will turn spectacular.

3. Forget about editing:

The minute you start thinking "This is alright, I'll fix it on photoshop" you are done. Maybe not done, but you will stop improving. Try that, every picture you take, is the best you can take without thinking about "fixing" it. I rarely take more than a minute or two per photo when I'm editing.

4. Practice, practice, practice:

Just because there isn't a car show that weekend doesn't mean that you can't practice. Use your car, your friend's car, your parent's... Just practice. Even if the car is just the average dull car, try to make it look good on camera, and interesting because when the opportunity to take pictures of something interesting, it's going to be like a walk in the park for you.

5. Manual mode is your friend:

As far as you are not being paid, you have nothing to lose if you screw up a photo. Learn the different settings, try them. Experiment, that's how you gain experience. With digital photography, you can take more thousands of pictures with the average SD Card, and you can erase those you don't like, so again, you have nothing to lose and a lot to earn.

6. Shoot as much action as you can:

Anyone can take a picture of a car that is sitting still and you have all the time of the world, now, taking a good photo of a car that is flying through the woods at immense speed and you will only get to see for a couple of seconds in your camera, that takes skills. Go to local hill climbs, drag races, or even cars leaving a meet and polish your skills.

I'm going to leave it here for today as I don't want to oversaturate you with information and things "to do". I hope you like it and, if you want more articles like this, comment below!

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