How to clean a car interior for beginners!

Follow along this easy step by step guide!

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People always ask me. How is the best way to clean your interior and to be honest there is no set rule which means you have to start at one point and finish at the next. However in this video I share my best Tips from the Past 15 years of car cleaning to help you speed up the interior cleaning process. So if your a beginner then this video will be perfect for you.

Top Tips for getting your car interior cleaned:

1. empty the car first. this will make your life easier

2. Lets start off breaking down the cleaning process in stages so for firstly we will start with the roof lining because there is no point in cleaning the seats then spraying the roof because you will end up messing up your hard work.

3. once the roof is complete then head on over to the boot because you never know when it rain cloud will come over so you need to get everything back in the boot so uits better to do that first.

4. with the boot complete its time to move the rear seats and the middle of the car. At this point you won't be going for perfection

5. with the middle section taken care of we will move onto the front of the car. By moving the seats backwards and forwards you will find bits of dirt will drop onto the floor hence the (not aiming for perfection yet)

6. Once your happy with all the interior and seats in their right positions then you can finish off with a light vacuum.

7. Now lets focus on the mats. If you have heavy soiled mats then tackle them before starting as they may need time to dry

8. With the mads done you need to apply glass cleaner and use a synthetic leather in a bucket of warm water. Apply in criss cross pattern then follow with microfibre towel.

For a full detailed guide to cleaning your cars interior please watch the video as we discuss products and tools needed to clean it.

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