How to clean your car Windscreen Without Chemicals

Today i'm sharing my biggest detailing secret EVER!!!

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Today i'm going to show you exactly how i clean car glass without chemicals. Sounds Bonkers doesn't it? well hear me out as i will explain in this video and demonstrate the process i have used over the past 15 years. Now before you watch i will add that this was done on a cloudy day and that's an important factor if you want perfect glass.

Step 1 : Grab yourself a bucket of water. Ideally warm

Step 2 get yourself a synthetic chamois.

step 3 get a lint free towel

allow to fully absorb the water and squeeze the majority out so its damp but not too soaking wet. You need to hold some water in the chamois.

Working on one window at a time wipe in a criss cross motion then immediately wipe in the same motion.

If you have major smears from grease then do the same method but poor some glass cleaner into the bucket. Trust me it works!

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