How to deal with a difficult, financially uncertain, time in your life

I think it's safe to say that this year has been the peak of uncertainty for our generation, between a global pandemic and protests in the streets of

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I think it's safe to say that this year has been the peak of uncertainty for our generation, between a global pandemic and protests in the streets of the United States over police violence, it's not been a great year for many. On top of all that, the economy has dipped globally and millions are out of work, those who still have work face massive uncertainty, so what can you do?

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What's this all about then?

In this article, and going forward every week here on DriveTribe & YouTube, I want to cover some of things which have helped me in my years of running small businesses, having financial struggle and managing my stress, I want to try convey them to you and I hope that there might be even one small piece of advice here that can get you through today's struggles. If you have any questions or comments, I would love to see them in the comments.

Step 1 - Assess the Situation

One thing I'm sure that you've heard said in the past is "the first step in dealing with a problem is admitting there is one" and sadly, it is a fact, although personally I like to replace the word "problem" with challenge. One of the main things I've learned in the last ten years of success and many, many, many, many, many failures in business and life, is that anticipation of the issue is always at least 10 times worse than the issue itself. Obviously this won't be true for everyone and I'm happy to put my hands up to the fact that my problems are nothing in comparison to some but in general, it is accurate.

So where do you start? There are a few things I do when I get overwhelmed that help me and they are very simple ways to assess the situation so you can create a plan of attack. Some of these might sound like that Yoga instructor you hate talking to you about your "positive vibes man" but I promise, I'm not that type, these are just mentally strategic steps to take.

Step 2 - Write down the issues your facing on a page, not a computer or a phone.

Take out a piece of paper, write down a bullet point list of the issues that are on your mind on one page, whether it's financial, being behind on work which is adding to the financial stress, or just something you f**ked up royally, something you want to achieve but are stuck on, whatever. Writing them down on a page will make your mind see them as a to do list and stop seeing them as a roadblock. Now that you've put the financial and work stress points down on paper, we can begin to attack them.

Step 3 - Damage Report

As I said above, the anticipation is usually worse than the challenge you face itself. Now that you've written down the issues, it is time to assess how bad these are so that we can begin to segment them into areas of attack. An example if you have a massive debt problem, put these debts down on paper, with what they are costing you monthly each.

I want you to order all of your issues in terms of difficulty and time, going from easiest to solve and least time consuming, all the way up to "THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE, IF I HAD 40 YEARS I COULDN'T SOLVE THIS YOU MORON."

Step 4 - Make a Plan of Attack

Yep. Again I know it's super obvious, but honestly, most things in life are but we put them off due to overthinking or due to procrastination/resistance. Now in terms of making said plan, there are two routes you can take and this really comes down to the type of person you are. The options are simple:

Hit the smallest items first

Hit the largest items first

Now option two is probably the best way to go from a financial standpoint as option two will have the most impact in bringing down your monthly expenses and lowering the amount of interest you will pay over time. However my advice is to go with option one and the reason for this is that we are chemically wired to enjoy instant gratification, it’s why instagram is so popular and butt pics but that’s a different topic. So my advice is clear the $100’s you’re behind on your phone bill, the $250 you owe that friend, then work up bit by bit, this initial hit of dopamine from clearing something off your new excel sheet will help you focus on the next step and start treating your finances as a game to be won instead of a nightmare to try and fail to wake up from.

Step 5 - Earn More

Yep. This would help right? Well there are a tonne of ways you can earn more money on the side and this is something I can help with but that is a huge topic, so join me next week by following me here on Drivetribe or Subscribing on YouTube to stay up to date with each weeks content.

Thanks for reading. Let me know any feedback you have in the comments.

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