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Having jumped his old rival Prost at the start of the 1993 British Grand Prix, Senna spends the next 5 or so laps holding back both Prost and Schumacher, despite having a slower car. It is classic Senna, and just emphasises why he is the greatest.

Turn up and enjoy, with commentary from Murray Walker and Jackie Stewart.

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  • Shame you cant compare it to the current state of affairs, good luck defending like this whwn the car behind has DRS.

    1 year ago
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  • What a great season for him, '93, with such an inferior car.

    I would like so much to go back in time and watch the alternate reality situation where McL gets a Lambo V12 by Forghieri. He liked that engine so much, in the test before the season, but in the end they put a mediocre Ford V8 for client teams -less powerful than Benetton's official one-.

    Nevertheless, five superb wins. All of them just won for his god-like driving skill superiority.

    I Miss him so much -and that F1 as well-!

    Today everything is more Wrestling than fighting. More show than sport.

    Maybe the future is electric and autonomous, cars will be less important for people, owning one will be less common, and the future will not be synonymous of speed and mobility, as it was 50/20 years ago, but nevertheless I'll miss it SO MUCH!

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    • by this race Senna's engine was more powerful than Benetton's FOrd, because McLaren was already using the pneumatic valves. (murrey comments on it in the video)

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    • No, McLaren were always a series behind Benetton who got the HB V8 series 8 engine for the British GP. This meant that McLaren could now use the series 7 (With the air valves). ...

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