How to Dnq, dnf and dsq in a single race

Hans heyer's three day Formula one adventure

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''Hans Heyer never took part in a single-seater race again''


A short story, fitting for a short adventure. German driver Hans Heyer enjoyed an excellent career in GT-racing, winning the Sebring 12-hours along the way in 1984. Heyer accepted the challenge to try his luck in Formula One, while only having driven two times in a single seater. The American Penske Racing stopped its F1 adventure at the end of 1976 and sold its chassis' to the German ATS team. Heyer entered the 1977 German Grand Prix at Hockenheim with one of these Penske chassis’. He wasn't exactly the quickest of drivers, naturally. And so, on Saturday he wasn’t able to qualify for the race. However, Heyer had a long history of racing on the Hockenheimring and made quite some friends among local marshal’s, and they were kind enough to look the other way when Heyer pushed his ATS on the start grid on Sunday, to everyone's surprise. Race Control found out about this only after the race had already started and immediately black-flagged Heyer. However, in a sublime twist of fate Heyer himself had to retire from the race, parking his ATS due to transmission failure. Hans Heyer made quite a performance though. Up until today, and that might not be something to be extremely proud of mind you, Heyer is the only driver to have scored a DNQ, DNF and a DSQ in a single race. Amazing. Hans Heyer never took part in a single-seater race again.

Hans Heyer

Hans Heyer

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