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      How To Drive A Brand New $5 Million Pagani Huayra BC!

      Would you drive it like this?

      3y ago



      There are only 20 Pagani Huayra BCs in the world and only a handful of these have made their way to the U.S. Surprisingly, most of these cars are being driven quite regularly by their respective owners and are not being stored away as garage queens. One such example is the owner of the BC in the above video.



      During a recent car meet in Los Angeles, the owner of this BC decided to show up in his brand new car and even managed to make a cool exit!. Now some might say this is dangerous and we agree but considering no harm was done to anyone, this clips serves as a cool sight!

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      Comments (8)

      • That guy almost went full Mustang. Everybody knows you never go full Mustang.

          2 years ago
      • Looks like the traction control set in before he shat his pants.

          2 years ago
      • Oh come on he barely slid it. That genuinely could be an accidental twitch of the foot in that kind of car! Of course I'd drive it like that. It's made to be driven.

          2 years ago
      • If I could afford the 5 million to buy it,then I should be able to afford to "Drive" it.And what the hell was that anyways,barely a skid,LOL.

          2 years ago
      • i've seen better on cheaper cars and it's worth watching more than 20 huayra bc.

          2 years ago


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      Can you name the car from its infotainment screen?