How to fix Yas Marina Circuit

1y ago


After I read that Yas Marina Circuit is thinking about changing his layout in order to have more action on the track, I decided to make my vision.

Yas Marina Circuit current layout

I read about the feedback of the drivers, Kimi Raikkonen the first time that they competed here, he defined the track “absolute shit”; Lewis Hamilton after the race, told the media, that in the third sector you can’t stay close to the opponent. Other drivers said the same and someone complained about the chicane in the first sector.

I tried to make most of it and develop my idea, without changing the DNA of the circuit, I found a map with all the buildings so I was sure that all the changes can be applied.

This is how I imagined the track to have more overtaking points.

My version of Yas Marina Circuit


- The chicane (T5-T6) is removed in favor of a straight that goes directly on the hairpin. With this change hopefully the driver can stay close when they arrive on the straight and at the same time this could be an overtake point.

- The “S” curve (T11-T12-T13) is changed in classic 80° corner which leads in a fast long left corner (T14) similar to “Copse” at Silverstone. That curve take us in a “bend straight” followed by the next change.

- T17 has a great potential that is not exploited. The turn 16 now has a wider angle and from that point, the asphalt at turn 17 extend 3 meters on the left, that, hopefully, allows the drivers a chance to dive inside.

- The last 2 corner, are the main problem for which a driver can’t stay close to the rival in front in the third sector, so I have enlarged the radius angle of T20 and then changed the last corner, from 2 point curve to an elbow curve, that can become and overtake point and with this layout possibly they can follow easily the driver in front. I’ll use the current layout as pit entry.

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

If you need more explanation, ask me everything.