How to get Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra ceramic coating in the US

How to find your nearest accredited detailer – and why it matters

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A ceramic coating is just about the toughest protection you can get for your pride and joy's paintwork without covering it in a vinyl wrap. No other detailing compound bonds as tightly with your paintwork to give a glass-like finish and resistance to scratches as a ceramic coat. Ceramic coatings are the kings of keeping your car looking shiny.

And no other producer of ceramic coatings puts as much science into every bottle of ceramic coating as Gtechniq. The British brand now has a network of accredited detailers here in the US who can apply the brand's flagship ceramic coating – Crystal Serum Ultra – to your vehicle.

How can I get Gtechniq ceramic coating in the USA?

Simple – just head to Gtechniq's website to find your nearest Gtechniq Accredited Detailer.

Why can't I apply Crystal Serum Ultra myself?

Gtechniq's Crystal Serum Ultra is exceptionally resistant to chemicals, and it's so tough that if applied incorrectly, you'd need to flat-sand your paintwork to remove the coating. That's why you need to visit an accredited detailer who has the correct skills, environment and experience to successfully apply it.

What's so special about Gtechniq Crystal Serum Ultra?

Just about every moment of Gtechniq's 20 years of experience has been boiled down to create Crystal Serum Ultra – and if you've been behind the scenes at the brand's science lab at their UK HQ, you'd understand what that means.

Crystal Serum Ultra uses a 7nm nanoparticle alongside a bigger 20nm one, and these help form a thick and incredibly hard, abrasion resistant top layer of the coating. This sits on a more flexible base layer, which can expand and contract in even extreme heat changes, meaning that the coating retains its durability from -40F to more than 482F. So unless you accidentally park on the surface of the sun, your car's coating will shrug off the harshest winters and summers.

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