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After three years of making my Instagram pages more of a business than personal use I've found a lot of methods that have helped me grow my own accounts. Over the years I've made thousands of followers as well as over a hundred thousand likes, so here are my tips on how you can get you car spotting page noticed.

Tip 1 - Relevance: Make sure what your posting to your page is relevant. For instance if you have a car page and you post things that aren't on the same topic people will lose interest and might un-follow you. People will also follow you from that one post to then see what you normally post... then un-follow. Focus on one topic on you page so you can only attract real fanatics on the topic that will then always want to see pictures and join in with the convocation on what you say.

Tip 2 - Hashtags: People may overuse hashtags in selfies to try and get more likes but a lot of people don't know it really attracts attention and likes as well as followers. People really do search hashtags so by using them it will more than likely double you chance of getting followers from that one post. Tips for hashtags are making sure they are relevant to the post so don't make a hashtag of #Food when its a Lamborghini on Sloane Street. You can Google the best Hashtags to use to attract attention. I started using the basic hashtags and slowly edited them to change to what I was posting to make it more relevant. Use hashtags as it really benefits no matter what people say, every little helps.

Tip 3 - Timing: If you make your page a business account you can use something called 'Insights' this is a great way to interact with you followers to see when they use the app in the day, this helps you find the best times to post photos so they will get the most attention possible. You can see when you get the most followers and how many accounts actually get to see your post even if they didn't like it. It's really useful and can help you post at the correct time to help attract more users to you page.

Tip 4 - Socialise: After all it is a social network. The more you interact and give your time to other users, the more they will do the same for you. Liking other users’ photos is a great way to get noticed, and leaving thoughtful comments is even better. Make sure you don't flood lots of pictures asking people to follow as you're more than likely to be suspended on Instagram for spam. Get talking on all different types of social media on what you're doing. Someone is going to be interested and that one person can make a big difference.

Good luck on your adventure to achieving as many followers as possible. If you want, leave your account name below and I'll check out some of your car pages and you might even get shared on our car spotting page (@SuperiorSupercars) or even have your photo featured in our next posts.

"The starting point of all achievement is desire".

Napoleon Hill
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