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How To Get Stunning Copyright Free Images

This is your guide to finding high quality copyright free images for your polls, quizzes, and articles.

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When I first started posting on DriveTribe, my polls were chock-full of copyrighted images I just snagged off the internet. I later realized, after a scare from Google Support, that it wasn't exactly ethical, let alone legal, to just take images off of Google. Now, by the time I learned about this, it had been about 2-3 weeks since I started posting, so there was a massive amount of polls and articles with images that weren't owned by me. This was certainly an Uh Oh moment. Luckily, I caught this before someone came after me, which isn't as unlikely as it sounds. After some thought, I decided that I wouldn't delete all my prior posts, but rather I would go back and insert copyright free images, using the methods I will provide in a moment. I soon came to the conclusion that these copyright free images were a lot higher quality and more descriptive than the initially used copyrighted images! So, without any further ado, here are my 3 methods for finding amazing copyright free images.

1. Manufacturer Media Websites

This is by far the best way to find stunning copyright free images. Here's how it works: When you are in need of a photo of an Audi A4, for example, you should open a new browser window and search Audi Media (Or insert brand name). This, in most cases, finds the company's media site, whether it's named (Insert car company name) newsroom, pressroom, media center, whatever, this is where you can find great images for your posts. Usually there is a search bar on the site where you can type "Audi A4." In most cases, this type of search will bring up an assortment of press kits, articles, and, most importantly, images of the car you searched. You can scroll through the images until you find one you like, then, in most cases, download it. However, in most, if not all cases, the images can be used ONLY FOR NONCOMMERCIAL USE. This rule IS enforced. Note: You do not have to credit the image, however, if you do, just put AUDI, or TOYOTA. If this image is for noncommercial use, go right ahead and download it, use it, and enjoy!

Registering and signing up for media sites. Now, some media sites will make you register/signup for the media center before you can download an image. If this occurs, and if you're comfortable with doing so, fill in the required information, and create an account.

2. Google "Labeled For Reuse Filters"

This is a way to find images, but some of these photos may not be copyright free. For example, some sites just take images from the internet, without permission. This means that you don't know who the original owner of the image was. To use this method, which works in most scenarios, go to Google, click on images, then click on Tools, and then "Usage Rights." Use the drop down menu to choose what type of image you would prefer seeing, for example "Labeled for reuse."

3. Stock Image Websites

Unfortunately, this is the worst, in my opinion, method of finding copyright free images. The reason being, some photos can be completely unrelated to what you searched, awful, weird, and, sometimes, non-existent. I wouldn't dub this as a great way to find "stunning" copyright free images, but when you search for more popular cars, for example the Ford Mustang, good results are feasible. Some good stock image websites include my personal favorite, Unsplash, where you can credit the owner, but it isn't necessary, Pixabay, which, similar to Unsplash, no attribution is required. The last website I would recommend is Creative Commons, however you do have to credit the creator, which is made easy by a text line you can copy into the subtitle of your article. Creative Commons is better for articles due to the 'credit the creator' rule. If you use any of the websites where you don't have to credit the creator, please do, if possible. If you don't have space to credit a creator on Creative Commons, do not use one of their images. You can also filter by licence on Creative Commons, a feature that I find very helpful.

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