My practical girlfriend vs her car mad hubby

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Making a decision about which car to buy is hard enough when you only have yourself to please. But making a decision as a couple can sometimes feel like Mission Impossible.

Deciding on what sized car, which tech and safety features and how much you should spend can either result in a series of passionate school-like debates or all out military war.

When my friend Tara and her husband Danny were looking to purchase a car a few years back, Danny was set on a luxury sports car, while Tara pushed for a more budget friendly, road trip friendly, friends friendly option.

After much negotiating, bargaining and late night debates they finally decided on a MY13 Range Rover Evoque - their quest for a car was complete.

They opted for a burnt red beauty, 4x4 SD4 Dynamic with a 2.2L diesel engine and 6 speed automatic gearbox (with optional manual mode via the steering wheel’s flappy paddles). This model has plenty of upgrades with under car metal skid protection plates and 20 inch alloy wheels.

The interior features a flashy red leather layout which oozes style and luxury. The feeling is enhanced with an upgraded panoramic glass roof, sporty seats and moody ambient lighting.

Even though the car is six years old now, there’s plenty enough tech in this model, again with loads of upgrades including a 5 camera system, DVD player (for all you Ice Age watchers), Meridian speaker system (with a whopping 17 speakers!) and sat nav.

The diesel does mean take offs are slightly laggy, but the sports mode somewhat negates this. And with full off road modes for sand, gravel and snow this would be a great car to take up the Alps or to the beach – although perhaps not quite ‘off-road’ as such.

It felt smooth to drive and very comfortable – and it’s a good thing you can set a speed notifier, as I somehow kept setting that off!

The Evoque is definitely a road trip kinda car, but if I had to drive it around town I wouldn’t complain either – although I’d be opting for a petrol version to enable more ‘zippiness’.

Ever found yourself in a heated car purchasing battle?


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