How to identify drivers jobs from their cars

Most people want to choose a vehicle that's in harmony with their jobs...

3y ago

I'm sure that many of you usually associate a certain type of cars with a certain type of persons, but can we identify their jobs based on they drive ?.

Most people want to choose a vehicle that's in harmony with their jobs which means the choice in automobile has come to represent a lot about that particular car owner's personality

Engineer (off - road & small cars)

Engineers love to find solution for every problem in their life including driving issue.

Off-road 4x4s are the car types of their names. They are usually driven off-road that why Civil engineer likes them or need them like the jeep wrangler , Given their hard working positions , however other engineers who works in town or in big city their biggest problem is to find a parking spot , it’s simply easier to park with a small car like the fiat 500 then other vehicles.

Architects ( Audi , Bmw )

Creative types like architects appreciate the value of superlative form. With its retro-yet-modern sheet metal, their chosen car it’s the Audi A4 or the BMW 3 series .

Car mechanics (pickup)

Pickup drivers usually have a service related jobs that's why car mechanics need it for their jobs .

Salesman (luxury cheap sedan)

Sales, success is all about melding style with substance. A product has to catch the eye but it also has to function in a satisfying way if there is to be any hope of repeat business.

Toyota Camry, Ford Fusion, these cars is a dream comes true for the type of people who would like to experience a combination of both comfort and luxury to a certain point at a reasonable price. You are driving this car because you have a job with high enough income but you are not rich, the case of a salesman!

Doctors (SUV) Volvo

In medicine, as in other professions, there can be wide discrepancies in income. A few doctors have a good one, while many others have not, however doctors like to be safe and well that makes them attracted to luxury cars like volvo SUV.

Teachers (economic cars)

Teachers are the unsung heroes of our day. Though many of the jobs in this field are neither glamorous nor high paying the profession itself is of vital importance to our progress as a species.

Based on their budget and the importance off their jobs teachers own the category of economic cars like the Toyota Yaris or Prius or Nissan versa because they are a good cars and very economic for a new one .

Whether we choose cars for how we want others to perceive us, or if we are simply concerned with price and function, what we drive can send some serious messages.

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Comments (53)

  • In the balkans... :)

    Audi - blue collar criminals or politicians

    bmw - night club owners or ''krkani'' (something like rednecks)

    mercedes - entepreneurs or ''entepreneurs''

    vw - everyone

    opel - farmers

    porsche - bakers

    fiat - unemployed

    alfa romeo - weirdos in general

      3 years ago
  • Another poor, completely uninformative article. Written only to advertise products. D_TRB will be FB soon, very disappointing.

      3 years ago
  • We all know architects really drive Saabs come on now

      3 years ago
  • Close one for me. I'm a salesman..but i sell houses that I help design. So I have the architects car but a few years old so it's actually the cost of a new salesman car. lol.

      3 years ago
  • From what I see around here in Portugal:

    Engineers- Mostly hot hatches and convertibles

    Architects-Audi A7, BMW 6 Series GC

    Mechanics-Renault Kangoos

    Salesman- The "fleet special" BMW 116d, or, if they are good at their job, a 318d

    Doctors- Merc E-Class

    Teachers- Ford Focus, Renault Megane

      3 years ago
    • Am sure they are , and I like the chosen cars from your engineers

        3 years ago