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How To Improve Your Posts To Gain Members

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Know How Drivetribe Promotes Your Post

Ambassadors now will promote your posts to the front page if the post cuts the mustard. If you want to learn more about Ambassadors in general you can check out: Drivetribe Ambassadors

Find The Categories You Fit In

The current categories and Ambassadors can be found directly at the link above or at the Drivetribers’ Tribe: A great place to get the news on upcoming changes or happenings.

The category or categories you choose will dictate where your focus will be. If you can’t figure which category you belong to, you may want to speak to an ambassador of any group you think your tribe fits.

If in doubt, ask around. You currently can find Kids in Karts Ben and Patricia Pedrosa in the Drivetribers chat (updated - this section from Dec 15th update. Chats now are in tribes).

Create Your Unique Content

Creating your unique content can be the hardest part. Just copying and pasting from a search engine is not going to win you much of a following. Think about how you can contribute to your topic and check out Ardnek Poisoning ’s tribe Article Test Track.

Direct link to: How to Create An Amazing Article For Your Tribe

Need to Know how to Use Studio? Check out (included in tribe above): Learn How To Create Beautiful Articles Using Drivetribe’s Studio

Check out At The Wheel & Small Tribe Alliance run by John Coleman to get some examples of good written content or Norbert Pencak for Photography content. From the list of categories it is rumored Photography falls under the Design category. Once I have a solid answer on that I will let you know.

Post Your Content

Refer to tutorials above to use Studio (only available on desktop at this point) or use the big red button to do a quick post on mobile. Make sure to select the right tribe before posting.

Let Others Know

Don’t wait for others to find you! Get out there and market your post. That doesn’t mean spam and post it everywhere. This may work for the short term but usually ends up annoying people.

Crossover networking – this is where you find other people that have some of the similar interests as you in their tribes but are not exactly the same. For instance, someone may have a tribe like Pickup & Truck Spotting and you may have a tribe like Corbitt Trucks. There are only a handful of drivable Corbitts in the country, so most pictures are very old. However, on occasion, I may go to a truck show where I spot one and can post it to Pickup & Truck Spotting. If you find enough crossovers you can build a nice group of people in your niche area.

Another is making friends with people that may have different interests. Get to know your fellow Drivetribers. Start participating by making comments and bumping posts if you like it, or have opinions on them. You may be surprised how many will appreciate it and take notice of what you are doing. Friends in your corner are great to have!

Making comments on popular posts usually on topic and with some sort of intelligence seems to go well. The more comments you make the more people see your name, the more exposure you get … you get the idea.

Marketing your work in the appropriate chat where an Ambassador frequents may likewise bring the right kind of attention you need. Get involved with them first and it is usually polite to ask, unless you can clearly see your content will fit. As chat channels are incorporated into tribes many leaders may run their chats differently.

Finally, share your post off of Drivetribe with people you know that might be interested. I know there must be plenty of others ways so please feel welcome to share below in the comments.

Improve Your Content

This is, of course, the most difficult. If you do this one correctly you will never be done. Even if you are a professional writer and have a great following before coming on Drivetribe, you may find better ways to reach your audience by changing your methods a little bit.

You may need to change the direction of your content. Am I hitting the wrong audience with this material? How can I change it to reach them? Don’t get discouraged if you fail. I just did on my last post. This one is completely opposite, but may fail as well; however, that doesn’t shut me up, even though some may want me too.

Testing out different methods can also prove useful.


One of the hardest things to do is to keep up momentum. Staying consistent with time and format may get difficult but if you manage it correctly, you can get some very loyal members. If you keep your general structure the same your members will know what to expect. Sometimes, of course, you want to shake things up or try new things out and that is perfectly fine from time to time.

Please comment below your thoughts on anything you may want to add.


December 15, 2017 2:05pm EST (Hours after I posted this) Chat is live in Tribes! Here is an updated link from Drivetribers: Live Chat has moved to Tribes

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