How to increase your chances of getting accepted into DT's Creators Programme

You too can join a group of talented upcoming automotive journalists.

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DISCLAIMER: Hi, my name is Pat. I'm not a professional journalist. I've been working for DriveTribe since 2017. I get this question that titles this article multiple times every single day via dm, e-mail, instagram, smoke signals, etc so I thought I should share some tips based on my personal experience managing this community and product for the past 3 years.

So, I hear you want publish your pieces on DriveTribe.

The good news is that you can. Anyone can write on DriveTribe - which is what makes this platform beautiful. My crystal ball tells me you want more than just to write here: you want promotions, you want to see your article on the homepage, you want to join our group of elite writers, and - if my crystal ball is correct - you want to be noticed by senpai James May. Yes, I know it all.

To write on DriveTribe you need to use Studio, our publishing tool. It's is only available in desktop devices, such as your computer or laptop.

This is how studio looks like. Click on the red button at the top corner to create articles, quizzes, polls, and much more.

This is how studio looks like. Click on the red button at the top corner to create articles, quizzes, polls, and much more.

"Yes, I want to join DriveTribe's Creators Programme!"

DriveTribe's CP is focused on editorial-style writing. That doesn't mean only news and it definitely does not mean boring. If you have no idea of what that looks like, open a new tab and go read. Read homepage articles, read the news everyday. Reading will make you a better writer.

"Ok, but how does that help me?"

By taking a look at the homepage you'll see the platform's tone and style. Take 10 minutes of your time to analyse what others are doing and use your research to format your content.

"That sounds like a lot of work. Can you explain it in simple words?"

Being a creator is a lot of work and ever-changing. What works today might not work tomorrow. You need to be ready to adapt, experiment, and listen to feedback without taking it personally.

Let's get to work! Here are 3 critical mistakes applicants make:


As I mentioned earlier in this article, DriveTribe's homepage and verticals tend to have an editorial-feel, so it's crucial to write headlines that are descriptive but also clicky. A headline such as "Bentley configurator is the best!" is not very appealing to a reader. You're strongly affirming something instead of inviting the reader to click on your article and agree/disagree with you.

If you want to grow as a creator, you need to leave room for people to agree AND disagree with your topic, as that generates an opportunity for you to interact with your reader and, consequently, gain their trust (if you play your cards right).

Before posting your article, try writing 10 different headlines and see which one would get people "bothered/curious" about it. Even something as simple as "Prove me wrong: Bentley's configurator beats all" could get people talking. Once again: I'm not a journalist, this might not be the best headline. I'm just trying to show you the difference in what a reader would feel reading your original headline versus an engaging headline.

Also, never add a full stop or an exclamation point to the end of your headline! Never! They end the subject/conversation! That's something we don't want! Period.

(See what I did there?)

This headline gets everyone wondering how the dealership stepped in. Great job, Patrick Jackson!

This headline gets everyone wondering how the dealership stepped in. Great job, Patrick Jackson!


Crediting images you find on the internet is not enough. Always use copyright-free or press pictures. If a copyright holder files a complaint, your article will be taken down by DriveTribe and you'll likely be banned from the Creators Programme (when you're in it). Start the good habits now.

You can also post your own images, as does Jonathan Yarden, one of our top creators.

You can also post your own images, as does Jonathan Yarden, one of our top creators.

3 - COPY

When it comes to copy, your grammar must be as close to impeccable as possible. Keep in mind that articles that are promoted need to follow editorial style. Avoid using exclamation points! Same for ellipsis... They are too casual! Poor punctuation makes you look like an amateur instead of an upcoming creator... !!! .... !!! Don't.

It's ok to show your personality in your writing, but make sure that your "its and it's" are in the right place. Triple check that you're spelling a brand's name correctly. If you want to be an automotive journalist you need to know how to write Porsche, MINI, BMW, etc. You also need to know the difference between Porsche's and Porsches.

One last thing about copy: try not to write start your sentences with "And" and "But". You'll rarely see a respected journalist doing it.

"Can you read my piece and give me feedback?"

I can, but I will likely not. That's not because I'm a terrible human being, although some would agree with that statement. I can't read all your articles because I spend my time looking for bugs and doing other techie things.

The best person to review your content is our Community Manager John Coleman. Send him a polite DM with a link to your article and your questions. Keep in mind John is highly sought-after for his editing skills and bedside manners, so if he doesn't reply within a day or so, be patient and proofread the piece you sent a few more times while you wait.

John is also part of the team that evaluates new applicants. Do I need to say anything else? ;)

"Ok, I feel ready to apply!"

Applicants are processed every month - with rare delays. If you have any other questions, please leave a comment below or DM John Coleman. Click below to submit an application:

Good luck!

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  • Some great tips and advice from the always generous and CreAtive Genius the wonderful and inspirational Patricia Pedrosa! DT would not be the same without you 🙏👊

      9 months ago
    • Thanks for the everlasting kindness and support, Mark. DT wouldn't be the same without you either. Sending warm corona-free hugs from Brazil! ♥️

        9 months ago
    • Aw thank you I’m just a participant you are the maker just stay safe in Brazil my friend 🙏🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

        9 months ago
  • Yes some guidance would be appreciated on image posting. I assume a screenshot of a Getty image is a no-no. How about for example is a screenshot of an image from an eBay ad, or from an auto for sale ad, or from Pinterest?

    Sometimes I write about some favorite tool or stuff such as Loctite S30 and would grab a screenshot from Amazon or wherever. Does that cross a line?

    One other example, in the attached post, I used a screenshot of the YouTube image in the banner as I can't (or at least I don't know how to) put the video in the banner. I suppose the image is YouTube's, but it is also NBC's. Did this cross a line?

      7 months ago
    • Hey, Bob! As you know, IP is very tricky and only a lawyer can give you proper advice on what you can or cannot post. I've put together a guide, but keep in mind that a copyright holder can request for the image to be removed at any time.

      In the...

      Read more
        7 months ago
    • Gotcha - I am just a hobby writer, not for gain. Just trying to not annoy the new landlords.

        7 months ago
  • To apply for this does the posts need to have a certain number of bumps and is it country specific?

      8 months ago
  • This is something I'm definitely interested in. Still relatively new to DT but enjoying posting content and seeing the articles posted by everyone else. Can't wait for the journey ahead.

      8 months ago
  • Great tips! I've always wanted to write about classics and youngtimers, that are the kind of cars i love. I'll keep practicing and if i ever go ahead with it, this article will help me more than anything else. Thanks Patricia.

      9 months ago
    • You could pretty much copy what you write on IG and paste on Studio, as it is very informative. John can help you with styling and other little things.

        9 months ago
    • Thank you Pat. I think i'll give it a try.

        9 months ago