How to keep your car's glass as pristine as possible

It's easy to neglect the bit of your car that you look out of…

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We've spoken a lot lately about how to keep your car looking as if it's had a wet bath and come out looking shinier than the day it rolled out of the factory gates. But we haven't spoken about how to keep your windows as clean as possible. Sure, cleaning glass it a bit less sexy than making your bodywork pop, but it's a bit more useful simply because it helps you actually, y'know… see where you're going. That, and the fact shiny glass adds to your car's overall sheen quite significantly.

So here's how to clean your car's glass like a professional.

The basics

If you want to get a flaw-free finish on your translucent bits, you should really be working in a well-ventilated area that's warmer than 5C and out of direct sunlight – doing this under the unremitting glare of our local gas giant will leave your motor streakier than the last drunken hour at a charity cricket match.

The products and process

For a properly deep glossy finish you'll first want to give all your glass a once-over using a machine polisher and some G4 Nano Glass Polish on a medium pad – or you can do it by hand if that's easier. Use a circular motion and work your way across the glass.

With that done, clean the glass back to a lovely shine with your G6 Perfect Glass on a Power Glass cloth or a microfibre buff cloth. Do that as many times as needed to remove all the residue.

You're ready for the best bit

Shiny glass can make all the difference to the overall look of your car. Obvs.

Shiny glass can make all the difference to the overall look of your car. Obvs.

Now you've performed a basic clean of all your glass, it's time to protect that shine. Grab some Gtechniq G1 ClearVision Smart Glass, shake the bottle well and apply a liberal amount to an applicator pad. You'll want to follow all three steps below for your windscreen, but just the first one for the side and rear windows of your car.

• Work the G1 in a circular motion covering all the glass, then leave it to cure for five minutes (for your side and rear windows, you can now remove the residue using Gtechniq G2 residue remover, before buffing the glass immediately with a microfibre cloth).

• If you're doing your windscreen, now apply the same amount of G1 to the pad again, and work it onto your windscreen over the previous layer – but this time work in a side-to-side motion. Leave it for another five minutes.

• Now for your windscreen's third layer – use the same amount of G1 again, but work it in in vertical straight lines, then leave it to cure for 15 minutes.

Once the 15 minutes is up, dab some G2 residue remover onto a new applicator pad and apply it to a small area at a time, buffing immediately afterwards with a microfibre cloth.

Don't forget to clean your wiper blades

You're best off doing this by using some G6 Perfect Glass and a Power Glass cloth – you don't want to rub crud straight into your freshly cleaned windscreen the first time it rains. This is a good time to check if your wiper blades are worn, and replace them if they are.

Finishing up

Keep your car out of the rain for at least three hours – this will give the products on your glass the best chance of curing. You may get some 'judder' from your wiperblades, but this will go within two weeks.

There you have it – the ultimate DIY guide to getting your car's glass a clean as possible.

Head to Gtechniq's site to find all the Gtechniq glass cleaning products mentioned in this guide.

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  • I started using this glass cleaner about a month ago and I can honestly say its the best I have ever used.

    No streaks, smears and leaves a hydrophobic film that repels water.

    It’s best to use two cloths to apply, the first to apply and a soft micro fibre cloth to buff off.

    Highly recommended!!

      8 months ago