How To Live A Dead F1 Dream

Every Motorsport Fan Wants To Race In F1, But Few Manage To Do It; So, What Happens To The Rest Of Us That Did Not Made It Into Racing As Drivers?

I consider myself a hardcore motorsport fan, and even though I am not the one with the most knowledge about every fact of racing, I love it like crazy. This obviously means that for some time I dreamed to become a racing driver and travel around the world with an F1 team, but unfortunately I never had the opportunities to achieve. Despite that dream becoming impossible, I have looked for every single possibility to achieve entering in the competitive world of F1 racing.

After deciding that I would stick to school, the obvious decision for me was to become an engineer, my abilities for maths and my interest in the mechanics of a car were more than enough for me to understand that was the path to follow. So, some research into Google and I find myself with several university courses focused on motorsport and with opportunities of placements into Formula 1.

I instantly felt it, THAT was my chance.

What happened?

Given the fact that I am Mexican, I needed to study harder in order to get to the UK, where the opportunities lied; so, I probably had the toughest months so far of my academic life to get where I am, Oxford. Just some months I remember getting the confirmation for a preparation year before studying motorsport engineering, so I fortunately had results after many painstaking projects, examinations, and several school stuff.

Now I find myself applying for uni and studying specialized modules as preparation for engineering, so I'm very hopeful of what I can achieve and my possibilities at uni.

What's next?

I am unable to tell if I had made it, but I definitely can tell you that I'm closer to F1 than what I expected to be. It has taken me lot of effort and time to get where I am, and even with that, nothing is official and there is is guarantee of me taking a spot as an F1 engineer. So far, I can only say I'm pleased with how things have worked out and, if I continue to progress, I am certain in some years I will be writing you about how is life as an F1 engineer.

Cool, and...

Obviously, I find it boring if this was all about me, I hate talking about myself. What I want to tell you with this, is that even when things do not worked out as we dreamed it, there is always another way. Just because you can't race a car does not mean that you will never be at the box helping a recognized team, even F1 teams need someone to sweep the floor! So, ladies and gentleman, always look every chance to fulfill your dreams, we are in an era where more and more opportunities are being developed and the automotive world is more accessible.

See you on track!

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Comments (4)

  • As a fellow student with motorsport interests and goals i wish you the best of luck! I study mechanical engineering in Vienna and trust me when i say it's going to kick your butt! Hope we'll get to meet in the F1 paddock one day :D

      2 years ago
  • Hello, I'm Mexican too, living in Monterrey. ┬┐What degree are you studying and where? I would love to have a job inside the F1 world.

      2 years ago
    • Hello there, I'm applying to study Motorsport Engineering, this is a degree offered in Coventry, Oxford Brookes and several UK universities.

        2 years ago


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