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How to make a car video: My favourite camera gear

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It seems everyone and their squirrel wants to be a YouTuber these days (myself included), which is a bad thing because then there will be fewer people doing useful things like saving pandas, planting trees and curing cancer.

But then the world also needs car content because many of us are diehard petrolheads. Or electricheads, if you prefer. So I decided to talk about five things I class as essential when trying not to cause my viewers visual and aural pain. Steady!


Now I'm not saying you need to go invest in a £10,000 Red camera and an anamorphic cinema lens to be successful, far from it. Although if you can why not. But a few tactical upgrades can really improve your car videos.

This video is more about what I personally use, which may help you choose the right equipment. But I plan to make a budget-friendly gear guide soon for those who cannot afford a full-fat, all-singing and all-dancing DSLR or mirrorless beast and all the trimmings.

I also try to shed some light on the thinking behind shooting a car video and why certain things are done the way they are. Because although the whole car YouTube thing looks like a complete jolly and absolutely no work whatsoever, that is really not the case.

Whether or not you appreciate the likes of Shmee150 or Supercars of London, these guys work hard to provide content that many of us enjoy. Even if it's not to your taste, isn't it cool that you can hop on YouTube and watch car content for free?

On that note, I shall let you watch my video if you hadn't already. If you find it remotely useful or interesting, a like and gentle nudge of the subscribe button would be splendid. Plenty more videos to follow.

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