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¿How to Make actual clean Mobility?

As we all know the planet is overheating pretty bad this year, warm climates become warmer, Great Britain gets colder and colder reaching the point until the tea starts to freeze up on the mug.

The definition of pollution & contamination for an environmentalist involves that internal combustion cars are the greatest devil to take out from the face of earth even blaming them for being the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs, although we are late to save the planet we aren`t late to at least minimize the damages to it. How we can “Save” the planet? And of course… how we can make our trips far cleaner than we do today? Worry not since There`s a lot of things the average Joe can do in order to respect the environment without sacrificing up their comfort or life quality in exchange to feel better with oneself.

As we all know the rise of the electric car is something that we should have in mind in the near future when the evergrowing emissions laws start to force the drivers of combustion cars trade in their old vehicles or just use public transport, The electric car is not a bad idea when it comes to short city mobility but they still emit pollution indirectly via manufacturing, transportation and of course the energy generation made with dirty energy sources instead of cleaner energies in order to feed those batteries… the problem is big and the time is short, However the solutions I give are far more cheaper and comfortable than getting tangled on Mortgages just to buy a Toy car.

1-slow down cars using road design/encourage efficient driving via bonuses.


As we all know in cities the maximum speed allowed is 50 kph per hour, This speed limit is applied in order to ensure the survival rate of a pedestrian in case they get run over, However I know that the average driver usually goes 30kph over it as soon there are three lanes on a avenue, the faster the car goes the more gas it spews into the air and contributing into the pollution.

Most of you have seen these narrow streets in which the drivers couldn`t hit more than 30kph safely since going faster than it meant immediately going over the sidewalk or just plowing a old lady with a car out of control, Why we don`t make two way roads on cities narrower in order to force cars to slow down or even narrow down those massive roundabouts that usually have a enormous useless statue on the middle? I know that the average driver will tailgate anyone going slower than them on the highway but as soon the roads get narrower and full of corners they back off from the accelerator, It`s a pretty simple method to force people to slow down, However the same effect can be achieved with making the lines wider in order to give the illusion the lane is far more narrow than it is

Another one of my solutions would go through adding sound makers on avenues, the faster you go the noisier the ride gets until the driver gets so annoyed they have to slow down, just like on the musical roads or the lines at the side of the highways.

So far this is my first pair of solutions when it comes to make cars slow down, but if they don`t know how to do efficient driving it`s all useless so paired with making roads that force you to drive slowly in order to be safe why not giving free courses about efficient driving with a small incentive? (Gas tickets,10% discount on your monthly ticket for public transport…) why not also make week long car rentals in order to get people to look at cleaner alternatives like hydrogen, battery, GLP… the possibilities for renting cleaner cars for weeks are far pretty good.

2- Forbid Diesel Vehicles from entering City Centers.


If you thought I was demonizing diesel trucks that pull off huge smoke trails known as“Rolling coal” I`ll simply tell you it`s just making the Injectors to spew more diesel in the compression chamber making unburnt fuel go through the exhaust pipe, You get no more power but rather show to the world how desperate you are for attention in your family born in Alabama, and how much you like to waste money on unburnt Diesel.

"You get no more power but rather show to the world how desperate you are for attention in your family born in Alabama, and how much you like to waste money on unburnt Diesel..."


As a brief simple explanation I would say that Diesel engine vehicles use a fuel that in a way nearly works like oil being compressed and exploding trough heat instead of running on a highly explosive liquid ignited by a spark making a explosion, I have to say that driving a diesel is certainly kind for plants in a way since they throw off carbon that would be like food for them and in return they give back Oxygen, I like that diesels give strong torque and are efficient when it comes to consumption since that kind of engines are pretty good for farm environments or heavy machinery including long distance travels on passenger cars (I`ll never forget doing a 560Km trip on half a tank on a I5 engined diesel at 160kph and still not needing to refuel)

However as much I like diesel it`s not all wine and roses for them since the Diesel engine have downsides, One of them is that they pollute more than a gasoline engine when it comes to short distances since they don`t reach optimum working temperatures alongside the higher emission of other toxic components which that involves during that cold work time (Nox & Monoxides)

One of my simple solutions for the diesel cars problems wouldn`t be straight banning them from getting them sold to the public, It`s a fact that many diesels that are driven on city centers will barely drive 2-5km before getting parked again over and over, Although this is a rough solution it can still help for quite a margin when it comes to decrease pollution, Among this Distributing Adblue with the purchase of 15L or more of diesel should be counted (Special offers etc…) If all diesels had Adblue on them I can say for sure that we could go a pretty long way in reducing diesel emissions, However it`s a matter of time until we can find a way to replace all of those diesel vans and trucks that have to go to city centers in order for our mail and stuff we order online to get places (Although I wouldn`t rule out of the game EV/Hydrogen post vans since they would be able to get past the Diesel vehicle ban)

3-¿Alternative fuel Conversions & Public transport Encouragement?

Another of my simple solutions to alleviate the effect of an army of combustion cars being driven by a single person to their workplaces like every other person on the world would involve reducing free parking lots on city centers replacing them with paid underground parking lots (In order to make people think about buying a cheaper 30€ Monthly bus pass instead of expending fuel to drive looking for the paid parking lot and money for the parking ticket every day)

If in a Bus we can fit 56 persons have in mind we could have 56 cars less driving around the city looking for a parking spot, that number of cars multiplied by 10 buses dropping people at their stops and passengers doing short 10-20Min walks we would have 560 cars less driving around and not to speak about 100 buses, 5.6k cars would surely end up parked on the garages with their owners saving A LOT in fuel and parking tickets, paired with the relatively cheapness of a monthly buss pass of 30€ with the freedom to go anywhere wouldn`t you just leave the car at home?

And if we managed to hybridize the whole city bus fleet we can practically take giant steps when it comes to reduce emissions from Internal combustion cars without forcing the average citizen to waste their hard earnt money on buying a electric car creating far more pollution by manufacturing a car with toxic lithium batteries and drawing power from coal powerplants.


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