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How to make pancakes the DriveTribe way

Without too many tears or much shouting

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Right, pancakes then. I covered this over on FoodTribe around Shrove Tuesday earlier in the year, so be sure to check that out.

But what I didn't bother to include on that article was the recipe and method, so here follows the exact method I used in making those pancakes and that video.

Step 1 (optional)

Decide to undertake the entire project with no planning at all. Who needs a plan anyway?

Step 1.5

Completely cock up an entire batch of pancakes because you're impatient/put too much into the pan/add too much oil or butter/have the hob on the wrong heat.

Step 1.75

Buy more ingredients and start again once you've finished turning the air blue with a series of expletives.

Can I offer you an egg in this trying time?

Can I offer you an egg in this trying time?

Step 2

Cobble together a pancake batter in a jug. Start by cracking one egg into a jug and add in one mug of milk. Provided you use the same sized mugs for the flour and milk this works, through magic I think.

Then while whisking the egg and milk, to make milky egg (or eggy milk), add in the flour. Be sure to get as much of the flour as possible everywhere apart from the jug, causing a colossal mess.

Once fully mixed in, you should have a mixture similar in thickness to single cream/pouring cream. Add in a pinch of sugar if these are gonna be dessert pancakes.

Whisk-y business

Whisk-y business

Step 3

Warm up a frying pan, or if you're fancy (or French), a crepe pan, and melt a small blob of butter in it. Just enough to cover the bottom of the pan. Too much and you get greasy pancakes, too little and the 'cakes will burn and stick and cause much anger and rage.

Step 4

Once melted and warm, pour in a bit of batter, just a little. Swill it round the pan and fry lightly, tossing once the top surface is an even colour. Fry off the other side of the pancake and then serve.

They look good enough to eat don't they!?

They look good enough to eat don't they!?

Step 5

Top with topping of your choice and enjoy.


Have you made pancakes? Let us know how you got on below. Post pics and stuff

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Comments (2)

  • the problem with making pancakes.. you can not make them fast enough. and always to few. the best topings on a pancake is: a little lemon juice and sugar roll it into a roll. and eat.

      12 days ago
    • Can’t go wrong with sugar and lemon. Although I prefer my caramelised banana filling

        12 days ago