How To Make Renderings Online Using Pixlr(like me!)

Learn how to make renderings online for free! This article was requested by Car Guy!

Hey, Guys! Today, I will show you how to make renderings easily and online! I personally use Pixlr X which is totally free for use! So, let's start:

First, we'll choose a base image for your rendering. Here, I am making a M3 Wagon, so my base image is this 330i Wagon. You can add your image by two options-you can download the image and then use it or you can copy the image's URL and paste it onto an option on the homepage labelled "Load URL". Done?

You can add another image through the option shown above. Copy the image's address and let the magic work. To choose your images, see for matching angles and colours. Done? Cool!

After adding the second image, click on the three dots on the right side column showing the different layers. Reduce it's transparency to your required level and then reduce the image to the perfect size that matches the image.

After doing that, choose the 'Cutout' option on the left side to cut the piece of the second image that you need to use. The 'Lasso Cutout' is my preferred type as it helps you to draw and cut. After that is done, reset your transparency to 100 and see if it matches perfectly. Done this?

Now, in the same drop down, there is an option to merge down that merges the two layers together. This will help you in patching the two images in the next step.

After merging the two photos, click on the 'Retouch' option and reduce the brush size to smaller than 20. It helps you in merging the two cars without too many smudges. See where your cars are meeting over their edges, and use it there. After this, you are basically done with your rendering! Save the image and flaunt it here on DriveTribe or anywhere else! The final result is this:

Yay! You've made your first rendering! Congrats!

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