How to NOT get caught speeding! [could cost you points, licence & 150% week's salary]

6w ago

Slow down! Yesterday (2nd August) saw the beginning of a week-long operation by police and GEM Motoring Assist to target speeding drivers in England. GEM is a road safety and breakdown organisation. During the next few days of enhanced checks and enforcement, they’ll be handing out speeding tickets faster than quarantine pings in a pandemic.

And a speeding ticket will not just get you a £100 fine, but also 3 penalty points. But get caught at really high speed and the fine could be income-related at 150% of your weekly salary as well as a six points and a driving ban of up to 56 days.

So watch your speedometer, scan the road ahead carefully for speed limits and restrictions, if in doubt drop your speed, so you might hold up a few people, so what? Also leave early so you don’t have to rush.

And here’s a good one, if you’ve got Waze on your phone, switch it on, stick it in a cradle, it shows you speed limits, alerts you to speed cameras and usually even warns you if there are police traps up ahead. Alternatively… just don’t speed.


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  • My cars satnav shows speed limits and I’m usually fairly careful. Unlike a few years ago when I had a very heavy right foot lol the operation to remove the weight was a success

      1 month ago