How to paint your car using Pendulum

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Dip Your Car(DYC) is a renowned "Plasti Dip" paint supplier famous for peelable car and wheel paint. They do some crazy stuff using different products on their YouTube channel DYC. Painting cars with a twist(recently helped @donutmedia to paint the Low 350z) which always turns out to be something worth trying. For the first time, they try Pendulum Painting a whole car using peelable paints in different bright colours to get this crazy project done. Pendulum painting, when done beautifully, could result in something like the video . While not perfect, it wasn't as horrifying as Supercar Blondie's Wraith.

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  • Going to be frank. I really don't get this. If you want to get your car painted to it properly so that you don't end up with paint running down the side and stuff.

      1 day ago