How to pass your theory test.

1) Book your theory test.

It may seem stupidly obvious but you should book you theory test in advance so you have something to work towards, the longer you leave it the more stressful it will be for you, leave some time for yourself to revise.

2) Revise.

In the theory test you are given 50 questions out of a possible 1000, you need 43 answer correct to pass, you could be asked any 50 of those 1000 questions so you much brush up on your knowledge and get revising. The PVSA provide free practise tests online, they also provide handbooks which contain useful information and tips, also they provide example questions.

3) Time management.

You are given 57 minutes to answer the 50 questions, usually that is more time than you need, however to avoid stress and panic you need to practice managing your time effectively. The practice tests online usually have a timer, so it's best to do the online tests if you want to improve your timing.

4) Flag tricky questions.

You are being timed so if you are stuck on a question or don't understand it, don't spend ages on it, you have the option to flag the question and come back to it at the end if needed, chances are you'll know the answer by then.

5) Common sense.

Some questions are common sense, you are usually given 4 possible answers to the questions. Look at the answers carefully and eliminate the ones that you know can't be right. You could be left with the ultimate answer and therefore you will put that, however you could have two or three answers left, look for clues in the questions, maybe 'trigger' words that may link with one of the answers, you have a 50/50 or 3/4 of a chance of getting the answer right, so DON'T leave the question blank.

6) Ask questions before your test.

When you do your practice tests, if there is a question or anything else you are unsure of ask a close friend, relative or most recommended your driving instructor, this is paramount, don't be afraid to ask questions. The more questions you ask the better, you will have the comfort in knowing that the answer given to you by your driving instructor is correct, and so it will be less stress on you.

7) Don't stress or panic.

The more you stress and panic the worse off you'll be, however you need a balance of stress and relaxation, without any stress you'll underperform, too much stress you will also underperform, it's okay to be nervous on the day of the test, just make sure you have revised and practiced, that way you will be more confident and you will perform well.

If you have anymore worries, concerns or have any tips of your own, please comment below :)

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