- RetroArch lets you play older game consoles from the comfort of your new Xbox

How to play classic racing games on Xbox Series X|S

Install RetroArch and you can enjoy retro racing games on your shiny new Xbox console. Here's how to do it.

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The absurdity of playing games from the Mega Drive, PS1, PS2, Dreamcast, GameCube, SNES, Sega Saturn and many other classic consoles on a £500 state-of-the-art console Xbox Series X or Series S is not lost on me.

What do you mean there aren't enough console exclusives? Anyway, the truth is that some of us like to enjoy games didn't need a 'day-one' patch, DLC content or even a disc if you're really old. It's not just nostalgia – some of the best gaming experiences are from the past.

Many of the driving and racing games we all know and love started from humble beginnings. Forza Motorsport? The original Xbox. Gran Turismo? PlayStation One. Burnout? GameCube, PS2 and Xbox. Mario Kart? Super Nintendo. You get the idea.

Think of RetroArch as a home for other emulators and games to live. It's the sponge in a Victoria Sandwich and the cream and icing sugar on top is that, thanks to an Xbox One version, it works with the architecturally similar Xbox Series X and the digital-only Series S.

My video (that rectangle with the play button) takes you through the process of installing RetroArch and how to setup a Microsoft Partner account. Expect to part with £14.40, US$19 or your currency's equivalent for the privilege.

Starting up RetroArch is not so difficult. I'd argue it can be more headache-inducing to get it to play nice with some emulators and games. But then the very Internet and colloborative efforts that lead to these wonderful emulators is the same one that can help you troubleshoot.

It's interesting to see how these older games stack up against the likes of Forza Horizon 4 and Gran Turismo Sport. Ignoring the eye-watering downgrade in visuals, you would be surprised how dialled-in some early racing games are when it comes to handling.

The plan is to do guides for the installation of the emulators themselves, PS2 up first, so feel free to head to A Tribe Called Cars and subscribe. There's a mixture of driving game, real car and sim racing stuff on there. Might keep you interested for two minutes or so. At best.

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  • Yeah, let me just find a retail priced Xbox... or any console/graphics card currently and I'll get right on that! 😅

      11 days ago
  • This is cool. If you can find an emu that plays Micro Machines v3 from the PSX I'll do this

      13 days ago
    • It's definitely possible, but then you go down a nostalgia rabbit hole and never return. V3 was awesome, so was Micro Machines Military. Good times.

        13 days ago