How to Properly Merge in Traffic

40w ago


Step 1: Indicate using your turn signals (If you are in a BMW, this is the stick coming out of the left side of the steering wheel)

Step 2: Wait for an appropriate break in traffic, or for a gesture indicating you may enter the lane from someone letting you in

Step 3: Merge

Bonus: Thank the person that let you in

If you do anything listed next, you're doing something wrong: Close your eyes and pray, stick the front of your car in the lane you are trying to enter, honk at the car in the lane you are trying to enter to let them know you deserve a spot, throw something at the car in the lane you're trying to enter (yes, this happened to me today), Rev your car obnoxiously as if you think hearing that straight piped civic will suddenly change my opinion on letting you in, to exploit nepotism to get into another lane (Sure it was my 94 year old grandmother, but she can wait her turn)



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