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How to protect your car from scratches 101

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Garware Polyester Ltd. is a leading polyester manufacturer that has been active for decades. Recently, they held a press release talking about their new product – a polyester film that protects your car from scratches, dirt, debris, bird droppings etc. They have developed the product in accordance to Indian road and weather conditions. The product takes aid of an organic compound called thermoplastic polyurethane film in achieving its purpose. Manufactured locally, it would take you around ₹1,30,000 ($1,821; €1,652, £1,427) to get your luxury car wrapped whilst normal cars would set you back around ₹1,00,000 ($1,401; €1,271; £1,096). S Krishnan, Director, Sales further added that the film would cause no damage to the paint of the car, nor would it hamper its resale value.

Image Credit: FoilXpert.ch

The company plans to sell the product both in India and abroad. They have targeted around 5,00,000 cars to be wrapped in one year. Speaking about the industry, Krishnan stated that the industry is estimated at around ₹3,500 crore (€445 hundred million; £383 hundred million; $490 hundred million) and the company aims on achieving a 10% market share in the years to come.

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Comments (4)
  • Pricey, but if it works, it'll be hugely beneficial when re-selling the car.

    13 days ago
    3 Bumps
    • Not as beneficial in UK as in India to be honest! But birds beat everywhere so that benefit is universal.

      12 days ago
      2 Bumps
  • "How to protect your car from scratches"

    -Shows on the cover image a Suzuki furiously throwing dirt around likely having thousands of paint chips.

    I think an article like this would fit on the DT social media team or in the news section, but... this product is certainly amazing, pretty cheap for the application if you ask me.

    12 days ago
    2 Bumps
    • Yeah I couldn't find any good quality image of what I was looking for. And yeah, this product certainly is amazing.

      12 days ago
      2 Bumps


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