How to protect your car's engine through winter

Give your loved one a bit of TLC to keep it healthy this winter

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November is here, which means that we at DriveTribe towers are bracing ourselves for the sudden onset of the flu, colds and a general sense that the cold weather wants us to stay in bed with a hot water bottle and a Netflix subscription.

Sadly, life goes on during these darker, colder days, so we'll try to eat more healthily, take vitamin supplements and generally do our best to avoid the sniffles. But how often do you stop and think of giving your car a bit of winter TLC? We've teamed up with the good people at Liqui Moly to look at some of the best ways of helping your car avoid the winter flu.

Additives can help prevent additional engine wear

While we're busy chomping away on vitamin supplements (we'll take those delicious orange ones, thanks), your car's best served by treating it to some additives. These are supplements that you pour into your fuel tank. They then work their way into your engine and perform some chemical magic while there to keep your car healthy. There's a huge range available, and we'll look at some of the most popular here.

Injection Cleaner is designed to keep your petrol engine free of any nasty winter coughs

Injection Cleaner is designed to keep your petrol engine free of any nasty winter coughs

Liqui Moly's Injection Cleaner is designed to keep petrol engines free of sludge and gunk. It removes any rogue deposits that can form on injectors, which helps your engine work more efficiently – both in terms of fuel economy and power. It also helps clean and protect the whole of your injection system. If you're going to use your car infrequently throughout winter it's well worth treating it to a shot of this stuff to keep your motor in good running order, and to help it shrug off the mechanical hell that is freezing cold starts.

Diesel engines need special care

Diesel engines can be especially tricky when the temperature drops, which is why Liqui Moly's created something called Super Diesel Additive. Like the petrol injection cleaner above, it cleans out your injection system and combustion chamber, increasing efficiency and improving combustion, thus improving your car's emissions. But it can also combat some of the less commonly heard about problems of diesel engines, such as resin bonding and baking. In short, it cleans your diesel engine's arteries and veins ahead of the festive season. We could use that.

Diesel cars can be a bit of a pain when it gets really cold

Diesel cars can be a bit of a pain when it gets really cold

Another issue that can occur with diesel-engined cars in really cold weather is clogging fuel. Diesel gets thicker as the temperature really plummets because it contains paraffin – which can crystallise and block your fuel filter.

Liqui Moly's Diesel Flow Fit helps keep the diesel fuel fluid, even down to temperatures of -31C. You'll need to put it into your tank before the fuel starts to thicken, but it's worth doing if you know you're going to be putting your car away for a few months over winter.

Treat your car this winter!

Find out where to buy any of the products mentioned here by heading to Liqui Moly's website.

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  • Aren’t you just supposed to put a blanket over the engine and pour baileys hot chocolate in the coolant?

      1 month ago
    • It also helps to park them near the fireplace. It makes them feel cosy and part of the family.

        1 month ago
  • So injector cleaner does nothing for new engines, well anything that's GDI, and that's a great many. Diesels need special care anti-gel in the fuel tank for one, another would be to cycle the glow plugs a couple of times. But really the best and only solution are block heaters and Wabastos, or a coolant cycle heater.

    I'm sure anyone that lives in a cold climate will agree. Anything else is just a waist of money.

      1 month ago
  • One of best thing to have long engine life is webasto, preheating system.

      1 month ago