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Ocean's 12 partnership with jaguar ended in tears during the 2004 monaco grand prix.

4y ago

Formula One and Hollywood: the two are practically inseparable. The Formula One circus is regarded as one of the most watched sports in the world and provides a more than interesting place for you to hang your billboards. Advertisement for movies by using the biggest Formula One events is always the way to go: Lotus with Mad Max: Fury Road (2015), Red Bull with Star Wars episode III (2005) and it was Jaguar Racing Team who decided that the promoters of Oceans Twelve could have their way with their cars during the 2004 Monaco Grand Prix. That went worse than expected. The Israeli jeweler Steinmetz loaned the promoters two diamonds (which had nothing to do with the movie plot) for them to use in their promotion, each worth a whopping $300.00. Jaguar and the promoters decided that the best and most prominent place for them to place the diamonds was on the nose of both Jaguar racing cars, which were to be driven that weekend by Mark Webber and Christian Klien. Yes, indeed. Naturally, the diamonds were not insured because no one was stupid enough to secure over half a million dollars worth of diamonds that were being put on the nose of an actual Formula One car. Which obviously was the right way to think about this. During the very first lap of the Grand Prix, Christian Klien lost the nose of his Jaguar and steered his car in the wall at the hairpin. The Jaguar team had to wait until the end of the race before they were able to reach the car, and by then the diamond was gone. Up until today, the diamond is still missing. But if you see a track marshal enjoying a Manhattan on the terrace of the casino hotel, do give him the thumbs up.

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