How to read James May in Japanese and other languages? And Jeremy, and Richard

It is very interesting to view the social networks of people from those places where the presenters are currently traveling. You can find information about the exact location of TGT presenters and their plans, the places of meeting with fans. Placing random and non-random photos, autographed items. Unexpected memories of the Grand Tour and interesting stories, photos of their collectible rarities. And many more interesting things.

How to view Japanese, Vietnamese and Chinese messages?

You can search for them on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and many more. Usually on all these sites and in applications there is a search button. In the empty field enter # - icon indicating the subject of the message. It is added by all people who want to share news about this person, things or events. On this icon, other people in search quickly find the right one.

We write # name without spaces in Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese or any other local language.

My results were successful!

In every country there are real fans of the show Grand Tour, Jeremy, Richard, James, or all at once. If you find the fans and subscribe to them, then you can be aware of the most exciting and unusual news.

Jeremy Clarkson

Japan: ジェレミー・クラークソン

Russian: Джереми Кларксон

Vietnamese: Jeremy Clarkson

China: 杰里米·克拉克森

Mongolian: Жереми Кларксон

Richard Hammond

Japan: リチャードハモンド

Russian: Ричард Хаммонд

Vietnamese: Richard Hammond

China: 理查德·哈蒙德

Mongolian: Ричард Хэммонд

James May

Japan: ジェームズメイ

Russian: Джеймс Мэй

Vietnamese: James May

China: 詹姆斯·梅

Mongolian: Джеймс Мей