How to recreate Stryker Purple in Forza Horizon 5

No more greens, let's do a purple color now!

1w ago

For this ongoing series where I've recreated Viper paint colors, I thought it was about time to step away from the greens (at least temporarily) and do a completely different color I haven't touched yet: Purple. Stryker Purple in particular.

Like other Stryker colors (Stryker Red, Stryker Orange, and Stryker Green), Stryker Purple is a deep and rich color with complexities frustratingly difficult to recreate in-game. Specifically, the complexity is in the hue of the color itself. It isn't a straight purple, as it leans quite noticeably towards the pink side of the spectrum. To put it another way, this color is like a “Hot Purple” (think Hot Pink but in purple). That means the color can appear as both traditionally purple in some shots and far more pink in others, which leads to the question “which version of Stryker Purple do I replicate?”

I agonized over this question for about 2 hours, constantly going back and forth between making the color more purple and making it more pink (among other changes), but I have finally found what looks to be the right balance of all settings for faithfully replicating this gorgeous color in FH5, so let me show you how to do it!

The Deets:

Unlike in the SSG tutorial, we will not be utilizing the Lowlight settings for this color. You can leave the Hue at whatever you want, but make sure to drop the Saturation all the way down and the same goes for the Brightness.

The Highlight settings is where all the magic happens for this color. Set the Hue to 0.76 (on the high side of this settings as well or one click away from 0.77), the Saturation to 1.00, the Brightness to 0.85, and voila! You have Stryker Purple in Forza Horizon 5! Those settings may seem simple enough to come by, but trust me, getting all the minute details just right was no easy process.

Better still, this color –in my eyes– is a near 1-for-1 match with the real deal! No or few unfortunate discrepancies unlike Snakeskin Green.

I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below! See you all next time.

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Comments (4)

  • That's gorgeous

      10 days ago
  • I ended up using this color but not on the intended car. I have the new GTS and ACR, but I have the Nurburgring scheme and a LeMans scheme on them, so I settled on putting it on the Charger Hellcat. Put some decals on it and now I have a Charger that I want in real life yet likely never will. Yay. Thank you though.

      10 days ago