- How to remove scratches from your car without a machine polisher!

How to Remove car Scratches by Hand

Without the need for a machine polisher! Great For Beginners

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Do you even need a machine polisher!

This Article is dedicated to anyone who wants to remove a scratch but doesn't have the confidence yet to break out the machine polisher or simply can’t because they don’t have one to hand . before you jump in to the scratch removal you need to is make sure the area is completely clean. In this Article im using Autoglym Scratch remover kit which is aimed at the weekend warriors who want results without all the faff.

The best way to test if you can get out a scratch is by running your finger nail over it and if you cant feel the scratch then the kit should be able to remove it. However if you can feel it like the one you see then this kit wont be able to fix so make sure you correctly identify the scratches first.

How to use Autoglym scratch remover Kit for beginners

You need 2 pea sized blobs on the white side of the pad then make sure you apply pressure in a crisscross pattern.

Verdict on Autoglym Scratch Remover

When you look at how its priced and what you get for your money it is very good value as you get the a very good compound , a great polish, a sturdy applicator pad and a high quality towel

Reason people wouldnt like this.

There is one factor which may reflect negatively and thats down to the user applying it thats why i featured that deeper scratch because i get asked to take car of scratches all the time and i see it so many times where the scratches have gone through the clear coat.

So not everyone has an eye to know whats possible and whats not possible so dont get overwhelmed by the packaging and think it can fix everything so inspect the scratch thoroughly before deciding if this is right for you.

And to be honest if your only looking to sort a few scratches then its all your going to need as your not going to need a massive bottle so autoglym have done a nice job of packaging a product that ticks all the boxes.

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