Video tutorial on how to replace the positive crankcase ventilation, or for short pcv diaphragm on your Volvo T5 engine. The car I’m working with is a 2007 Volvo C30 T5, the T5 engine depending on the model does come with a couple different styles of PCV systems. This engine has the heated PCV system and it comes as an assembly with the oil filter housing which is about $300 from the dealer. The other style is basically a plastic box which includes an oil trap instead and is about a quarter of the price. There is only one source on Ebay who makes a new diaphragm, everyone else only sells a filter housing replacement. The new diaphragm was about $10 and the fastest shipping method was about $50 to Canada.

Eventually with heat and age, the rubber diaphragm will crack and break. When this happens, the car will make a howling sounds, almost as if you have a faulty idler pulley bearing. However the sound only happens at idle. When this happens, you can drive the vehicle but not for long. It’ll cause excessive vacuum in the engine, if driving the vehicle for an extended period of time, it will cause damage to your camshaft and crankshaft seals. Another way to tell if the diaphragm has failed is by pulling up the dipstick or open the oil fill cap in the valve cover. You’ll notice a strong vacuum. When those areas are open, the sound will also disappear. I have also found the sound is much quieter when the engine is colder vs when it’s up to operating temperature. The turbo will also not stay in boost and if driven long enough, a check engine light will be triggered which maybe a P2187 which means the engine is running lean at idle.

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