- Photographed in December 2018 at Slowlife, Brickworks Markets, South Australia.

How to ruin a great car

Photographed in December 2018 at Slowlife, Brickworks Markets, South Australia.

When I first saw this Mazda RX-7 FD (from a distance) I thought "Cool!"

Then I got closer and got a better look, and I died inside a little.

I'm a huge fan of the FD, IMO it represents the best value for money of any Japanese Sports car, and more than holds its' own against much more expensive opposition (Look up the history of the Bathurst 12-hour, where Porsche couldn't best them 4 years in a row - despite cheating!)

But this one has not only been butchered with a shitty looking body kit, but it has been beaten about mercilessly.

Hopefully the owner will either give it the TLC it deserves, or move it on to somebody who will.

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Comments (7)

  • Fair points. Great car. Would love one myself. Any donations welcome. Send to the DavFDFund lol

      3 years ago
  • When I first started reading this, I thought, "What's Dave on about." The front has been beaten to pieces and could use some love. Then I encounter than hideous rear wing! What goes through peoples minds when they do this sort of thing? Hopefully, they sell it to someone that can care for it a little better!

      3 years ago
    • They are such a great drivers car it's a shame to rice them up.. I've done some bits and pieces to mine, but it was in the interest of reliability and performance, as I was tracking it quite a bit at the time.

      In retrospect I wish I'd left it stock,...

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        3 years ago
    • Maybe the owner likes the rear wing... Also people should be able to modify their own car just like they want. It's their money and car.

        3 years ago
  • I don't think the front is too bad but the wing is hideous

      3 years ago