How to run a car cleaning business using just your own car?

Do you really need a fancy van or lots of equipment? I find out...

43w ago

With 2020 and the coronavirus being at the centre of closing down businesses across the UK, there happens to be one business that's currently booming right now. And that is the car valeting & Detailing business.

In the past few months we have been contact by airline pilots, cruise ship captains and catering managers who have all started their own car cleaning business due to being made redundant and many of them have to start again from scratch with no funds to invest in a fancy van or lots of equipment.

So in this video i wanted to prove that you don't need a large fitted van with a water tank or your own generator. You just need a car and the will power to succeed. Using just the basics and keeping a simple price plan you can actually make fairly decent money considering the state of the economy right now.

Please watch the video as i take you on a journey in the life of a car cleaner and i go through some top tips and share my thoughts about the impact car cleaning has on your body.

I also talk about subjects such as "Is a mobile car wash business profitable?" and look at ways of making money from car detailing.

Enjoy #cardetailing #carvaleting #detailing

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  • I’m curious, since most folks are socially distancing or observing some form of movement restrictions, why not wash and detail your own vehicle? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      9 months ago